Whenever my daughter gives me the opportunity I’m going to link all the podcast to their sites. Till then you can find them on I-tunes or your Podcast player (I use Doggcatcher) should be able to find them.

*The Bookageous Podcast
*Books on the Nightstand
*Books You Should Read
*Popcorn Dialogues

*The Adam Carolla Show
*Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca
*Beauty and da Beast
*Earwolf Presents
*Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler
*Glitter in the Garbage
*The Joe Rogan Experience
*The Pod F. Tompkast (Paul F. Tompkins)
*The Smartest Man in the World (Greg Proops)
*WTF With Marc Maron

*Crimes Against Food
*The Definitive Word
*The History Chicks
*Stuff From the Future
*Stuff Mom Never Told You
*Stuff To Blow Your Mind
*Stuff You Missed in History Class
*Stuff You Should Know

Family and Children
*How to Grow You Geek
*Manic Mommies
*For Crying Out Loud

Life Style
*Flylady and Friends
*More Hip Than Hippie

*Atomic Trivia War 9000
*Comedy Film Nerds
*Double Feature
*Doug Loves Movies
*Extra Hot Great
*The Golden Briefcase
*How Did This Get Made?
*Movies You Should See
*Who Charted?

Pop Culture
*The Dork Forest
*Geek Girls Rule
*The Nerdist
*NPR: Pop Culture Happy Hour
*Our List
*Professor Blastoff

*Pagan Hooligans

*Android Central Podcast
*Mobile Nations
*The Podcast Podcast
*The Social Hour
*Zen and Tech


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