Droid Apps

Here are the apps on (or once on) my phone. Links and more info to come.

*All Recipes
*Big Oven
*Fat Secret Calorie Counter

*Android Hello Kitty
*Dr Who Ringtones
*Jane Austen Quote widget

*Bubble Buster
*Bubble Pop
*Hanging With Friends
*Sudoku Free
*Trivial Droid
*Word Feud
*Words With Friends
*Yahtz Me

Go Suite of Apps
*Go Contacts
*Go Dialer
*Go Facebook widget
*Go Facebook chat
*Go Launcher
*Go Message widget
*Go Search widget
*Go Tasks widget
*Go Twitter widget
*Go Weather

*Google Sky
*Google Goggles
*How Stuffs Works.com
*Hurricane Hound
*MY-Cast Weather
*NPR news
*Stumble Upon

*Doggcatcher – podcast player
*Books – google books
*Listen – Google podcast/feed player
*Old Time Radio – radio shows from the 1930s +
*Picasa Tool
*Slacker Radio
*Sound Hound – look up music lyrics
*Sticher Radio – podcast radio
*Ustream – videocast
*You Tube
*Xfinity – app for comcast

*Amazon apps
*Amazon MP3
*Honey Dew -shopping list, sync b/w phones
*Package Buddy
*Shop Savy

Social Media
*Four Square
*Good Reads
*Google Reader
*Google +
*Huddle (google chat)
*Reddit is Fun – Reddit app
*Share My Apps
*Trillian – all in one messenger
*Word Press
*Yahoo mail

*Agenda Widget – calendar widget
*Alarm Xtreme – clock
*Andricious – Delicious (bookmark)app
*App 2 SD
*App Mom – Keep track of apps and get recommendations for apps
*Automatic Task Killer
*Baby Care – keep track of baby feeding, diaper, medicine, etc
*Car Locator
*Chase – bank app
*Checkbook Pro
*Color Note
*date matter – countdown widget
*Days Matter – countdown widget
*Docs – google documents
*Folder Organizer
*Juice Defender
*Lighting Bug – sound player, helps me to sleep
*Period Tracker – keep track of menstrual cycle
*Pocket – password keeper
*Pocket Agent -State Farm Insurance app
*Tesla LED – flashlight
*USAA – Insurance app
*Volume Pro – volume control


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