Okay, so I know I said that I would do this everyday and I haven’t. Its not without good reason though: I’ve moved and lost my sanity in the process. My hubby got a job in Texas, so we had to pack up and haul ass in about a 1 week and a half. I’m a creature of habit, so of course, I flip out- well not go crazy per say- but close. Luckily I was able to get a transfer to the Dallas terminal where I work. Its a different job position, but its great. I work during the day now (yea sunshine!) and its only part time (no more 50 hour weeks!). I’m finally feeling sane again, though I wouldn’t say completely sane. I’m getting there though so I’m happy. We have a routine going and it seems to be working. Plano is a great city. The only thing that would make it perfect is if my family and friends were here. We’re fortunate to have a couple of friends here and with out them I can tell you I wouldn’t be doing as great- they’ve been my sanity throughout this craziness and there are no words or deeds to show them how much I appreciate them.

Well I’m off to bed-too goddamn tired.

J’s favorite past time- bouncing. Love this kid.

The thug life