Netflix is Stupid

I found out through an NPR article that Netflix is going to split itself into 2 separate companies: Netflix (streaming video) and Quickster (DVD). Why you ask, because apparently we’re too stupid to understand why they’re going to start charging us for streaming videos when it used to be free with the DVD plan. I didn’t like the fact that they were going to start charging us but I did understand why- If charging me more will bring more movies to streaming then I’m all for it. Hell I always wondered why they hadn’t been charging us to begin with. Now with the split we’re going to have to manage 2 different ques and go to 2 different websites. . .I’m probably going to drop the DVD plan and stick to just streaming because its too much a damn hassle. This is going to suck major ass though because not everything is being streamed. I wonder how many people who have both plans are going to drop one. . .lets see how much business they lose because of this stupid decision.

Oh a brighter note here’s my daughter looking uncannily like me. . .

JJ's furrowed brow


Rolling Over

My daughter is the best baby girl ever! On her 3 month bday she rolled onto her side- I have to say I’m extremely proud of her.

rolling over

I know its not a fluke because the next day she did it again.

Today She even giggled for me, though not as loud or long like she did for her dad. (Thankfully he got it on video- which I watch at least once a day.)However, she did giggle often. (Yea!!)

She’s growing up so fast which I love and hate. Hopefully it won’t fly by too fast.

Anyhoo, Updated my droid apps list. No links yet, hopefully I’ll get to it soon.

Also, to my family – I’ve updated my Picasa album.


Told myself I’d post at least once a day even if its to say I can’t post. Boring I know but I have to start somewhere. Updated the Podcast page by actually listing the podcast I listen to. Hopefully I’ll be able to link them soon. Tomorrow night listing my favorite Droid apps.

Chillin out

Isn’t she the cutest? Just had to show her off

Enjoy your burrito!